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Alpha-GPC Powder 99% 50g Pouch
Mind - Muscle Stimulation Equals A Better Mind-Muscle Connection!

Alpha GPC 99% Powder

Dietary Supplement

Power up your mind & body


– Focus
– Concentration
– Mental Clarity
– Problem Solving
– Leaning Ability
– Memory Retention
– Cognitive Function
– Contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function


– Protects Against Brain Nerve Degeneration (Brain Ageing)
– Enhances Cell Membrane Health
– Support of Central Nervous System
– Supports Phospholipid synthesis
– Contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism


– Increased Energy Levels
– Exercise Performance
– Growth Hormone Release
– Increase Strength by up to 14%
– Fat Oxidation Release (Burns Fat)

Mental focus and Clarity

With the help of Alpha GPC you’ll be able to clear your mind and focus on your chosen task, whether its a mental or physical challenge you’ll have what you need to follow the task to the end.

A smarter way of thinking

Are you having a hard time trying to concentrate properly on your work or in the gym, do you sit around daydreaming when you should be focussing on your work.

Daydreaming can soon send your brain into drifting mode which can often send you off into a trance like sleep, use with Alpha GPC to keep your mind super focused and alert.

A Safe dietary supplement for your brain health

Best Uses for Alpha GPC

When supplementing with Alpha GPC it helps your body to produce a lot more choline, which has been shown to improve mental focus and increase both mental and physical stamina.

Recent studies have found that diets supplemented with Choline can help our memory and may even help to decrease age-related brain degeneration (memory loss) and associated problems. One research study showed that rats with induced amnesia reversed their memory loss by using alpha-GPC supplementation. it has also been discovered that individuals who are deficient in choline might find it difficult and challenging to concentrate on tasks and may even display symptoms of ADHD. Research shows that Choline supplementation can enhance our ability to learn new concepts such as language, a factor which is also tied to its ability to improve our overall memory. Conversely, choline deficiencies can make it extremely difficult to learn things in school or study for tests.

Faster Learning

Research study shows that Choline supplementation can enhance our ability to learn new ideas such as language, an aspect which is likewise connected to its ability to improve our total memory. On the other hand, choline deficiencies can make it extremely difficult to discover things in school or research study for tests.

Clearer Speaking

Research study reveals that choline may be useful in boosting clarity in both believed and speech, and therefore has actually been proposed as a possible therapy for those struggling with speech conditions. This makes sense, considered that it enhances our brain’s’ capability to rapidly obtain memories and details.

Mood Regulation

It is thought that Alpha-GPC serve as a dopaminergic, which indicates that it can positively affect our inspiration, mood, and capability to feel satisfaction. This study investigated the impacts of alpha-GPC and deduced that it has a positive (though indirect) impact on dopamine production.

This makes it a potentially helpful treatment for people with dopamine-related cognitive diseases like Parkinson’s.

Fights Fatigue

Alpha-GPC might assist to combat tiredness, and not simply for athletes and bodybuilders who do rely on the supplement routinely to enhance physical endurance. Adding more choline to your diet plan might really help to avoid mental fatigue and “brain fog.”



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When you need that extra push to concentrate on your work projects to get the job done, or when you need to push yourself to do that extra rep in the gym Alpha GPC can give you the edge.

Increased Memory capacity

Alpha GPC has been shown to enhance memory functions, to include enhanced cognitive function which benefits learning ability’s, memory recall, memory retention, focus and concentration.

Workout with Alpha GPC

Use Alpha GPC to activate Acetylcholine, while Acetylcholineit has many roles, it’s primarily known for increasing both Cognitive functions as well as muscle contraction – it’s known for being the best Mind – Muscle Connection aid.

Scientists, from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, accepted the premise that Alpha-GPC was likely to increase strength by up to 14% given how previous research has already demonstrated this.

Growth Hormone Release & Fat Oxidation

Alpha-GPC is used by many athletes due to its ability to enhance and encourage natural growth hormone production and to enhance power output when taken as a dietary supplement when working out, it has also been shown to oxidate fat.

Athletes are said to “burn” energy in the pursuit of their athletic goals; scientists refer to this process of internal bodily fuel consumption as oxidation. The intake of fat is the process of consumption; the oxidation of fat is the end use converted into human energy.

Increased mental clarity

Lift brain fog and see the clearer picture, Alpha GPC has been shown to aid in productivity, creativity, problem solving and enhances mood.

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Product Info


General Info

  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do Not Use: If you are pregnant or lactating.
  • If you have any known medical conditions always check with a medical professional before using this supplement.


  • Alpha GPC Powder: Also known as - L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, choline alfoscerate.
  • Serving Scoop Included

Latest Batch Info

  • CAS Number: 28319-77-9
  • Assay: 99.3%
  • Expiry Date: 30/06/2020
  • Batch Number: Lyph20180701

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